Celtics Corner

My Outrageous, Green-Tinted, Best-case Scenario Player Comparison for Jayson Tatum - When I watched Tatum highlights from high school, I saw Gerald Henderson. When I watching him in college, I saw prime Danny Granger. When I watched him in summer league, I worried that his athleticism and strength would keep him back from being as good as Danny Granger. But during the regular season against real […]
The Unexplainable Quality that Makes Kyrie Great … Explained - Although eventually the Isaiah Thomas vs. Kyrie Irving debate will go the way of the Eddie Jones vs. Kobe Bryant debate, the trade is fresh enough in my mind to notice differences in players and the Celtic team as a whole. I loved watching Isaiah Thomas. I was one of the first ones on the […]
Recency Bias and Why the Last 23 (15-8) Games Have Been More Important than the First 18 (16-2) for the Celtics - The Celtics have had more drama this season than an entire season of The Walking Dead. They lost their best two-way player 5 minutes into the season. They went on a 16 game winning streak that included electrifying comebacks and elite defense. Irving broke his face. Rookie Jayson Tatum led the league in 3 point […]
Confessions of a Tortured Celtic Basketball Soul - My basketball soul is tortured with guilt. I need absolution through confession. Forgive me readers, because I have sinned. I don’t think Kristaps Porzingis is that good. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s good. He’s a fine player, but every time I hear people assume he is a top 10 player, or even a […]
Where Does Jaylen Brown Rank as a Wing in the Current NBA? - Brown has out-performed expectations so far this season, but it got me thinking about how good he currently is compared to other players and how many wing players I would rather have than Brown moving forward. He plays guard because of his quickness, but his ideal position is more off-ball than on-ball. For that reason, […]
Celtic Trade Ideas … Because Reasons! - http://www.nbcsports.com/boston/video/chris-mannix-boston-proactively-looking-make-deal Let’s make a Celtics deal! The 3 teams mentioned are the Clippers, the Grizzles, and Orlando. Let’s make a trade idea for each. Orlando Magic Terry Rozier, Abdul Nader, and Marcus Morris to Magic Jonathan Simmons and Shelvin Mack to the Celtics The Magic wanted Terry Rozier last year in a trade for Serge […]
What’s the Smart Market for a 33% Shooter? - Marcus Smart is probably one of the most unique players in the NBA. Though he is only shooting 33% from the floor and 31% from 3, Marcus Smart continues to be a key cog on the best team in the NBA (by record). What will his market be this off-season, though? Short answer? Not good. […]
On Why I’m Not Panicking About the Celtics … Yet - The Celtics have lost 3 out of the last 5 games, but there are signs of growth.