Ridiculous 12 Player, 4 Team Trade Idea


(it does work. For whatever reason the ESPN trade machine is not recognizing trade exceptions right now)

Celtics Trade: Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris, Marcus Smart, 8.4 trade exception, and 2018 Lakers pick
Celtics Receive: Kawhi Leonard, Channing Frye

Why? For Channing Frye of course.

Seriously, though, a team of Kyrie, Hayward, Leonard, and Horford is arguably better than the Warriors big 4. On top of that, most people would probably take Baynes, Tatum, Rozier, and Theis over Zaza, Iggy (at his age), Livingston, and West.

Spurs Trade: Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, and Patty Mills
Spurs Receive: Mike Conley Jr., Marc Gasol, and Jaylen Brown

They probably don’t make this trade unless Leonard really wants out. If there is a coach who can win with twin towers, its Pop. They can start Marc Gasol and Aldridge next to each other with Brown, Conley, and Murray at guards. Coming off the bench is Ginobli, Parker, Anderson, Bertans, and Pau Gasol. That’s a veteran team that can make life miserable for the Warriors.

Grizzles Trade: Marc Gasol, Mike Conley Jr.
Grizzles Receive: Kevin Love, Marcus Smart, Rudy Gay, Iman Shumpert, 2018 Lakers pick

The Grizzles need to rebuild, and there is no better time that right now. Love is roughly the same value as Gasol, as both are highly productive defensive sieves at this point in their careers. However, considering Love is younger and slightly more productive, I give the edge to him.

What value could they get for Conley? Answer: this trade gives them more than the Pacers got for Paul George (who has more All-star games and a better contract). They get two rotation wing players, a young player entering RFA, and the Lakers pick. Getting that pick gives the Grizz two chances at top 8 picks this year in a loaded draft. Imagine if they drafted Ayton and Doncic to develop next to Smart, Love, and Parsons. If they draft well, their rebuild could be fast and exciting.

Cavs Trade: Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye
Cavs Receive: Danny Green, Patty Mills, Marcus Morris, Trade Exception, and no luxury tax

The primary thing this trade does is get the Cavs under the luxury tax, which saves their owner over 60 million dollars. I actually think they get better also.

Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye have offered little production this year, and Kevin Love has produced like a glorified stretch big with no defense.

In return, the Cavs get a 3 and D wing (something they desperately need). Danny Green is a perfect compliment to Lebron James and offers them a wing who can … you know … actually play defense on the other team’s best guard.

Patty Mills probably immediately becomes their best point guard. I love Thomas, but Mills is a better defender, better shooter, and still offers some of the same playmaking as Thomas.

Finally, Morris is a really good compliment to Lebron. Morris can play defense on the other teams best forward (as Green can on their best guard), while offering toughness and rebounding. He also gives the Cavs the versatility and switchiness that Love can’t. Morris can also create his own shot in mismatches and stretch the floor.

It makes sense. I did your job for you, front offices. I’ll send my bill.