Its NBA Trade Idea Season! Here’s My Present for George Hill … A Trade Idea

Poor George Hill. Why did he ever think the Kings would be competitive? He’s not a star, but he is a good player. Let’s get him a new team.

Amir Johnson, Jerryd Bayless, and a 2nd round pick from the Sixers for George Hill

As we saw with the Thunder, your window can be shorter than you think. If Simmons and Embiid are healthy, they need to compete for a championship. Don’t wait and assume you have a 5-10 year window, especially with Embiid’s health. This trade gives the Sixers a really good two-way guard who can play on or off-ball, shoot, and play defense. This gives the Kings a do-over.

Lopez and S. Hill to the Kings

G. Hill and Carter to the Pelicans

Asik and a 2nd round pick from the Pelicans to the Bulls

The Pelicans need to move into desperation mode. Hill, Holliday, Rondo, Cousins, and Davis an interesting starting line-up that could play any team tough. The Kings get a few veterans to replace the ones they are trading, while opening playing time for Fox. The Bulls get a defensive center for a bad defensive roster.

Brogdon, Henson, and Dellavedova from the Bucks for Hill, Carter

The Bucks get another two-way guard who can create for himself and stretch the floor. They also reunite Kidd and Carter. The Kings get a couple of veterans on reasonable contracts and a young two-way player in Brogdon.

Noah from the Knicks for Hill

Noah could be a great culture guy for the young guys on the Kings roster. Meanwhile, the Knicks get a point guard who can hit the rim when he shoots a three (looking at you Jack-of-all-trades-except-shooting).